LPA Solicitors

Who is involved in making a Lasting Power of Attorney?

There can be up to five categories of people involved in making a Lasting Power of Attorney.

  • The Donor (the person making the Power of Attorney)
  • Attorney(s)
  • Certificate provider
  • Witness
  • People to Notify

People to notify

Someone chosen by the donor to be notified when an application is made to register their Power of Attorney.

Certificate Provider

The person the donor chooses to complete a certificate in the Lasting Power of Attorney form. The certificate provider must confirm that the donor understands the LPA and is not under any pressure to create the document.


A witness is a person who signs a Power of Attorney form to confirm they have personally seen the donor or the attorney signing and dating the Power of Attorney.

Signing your LPA

The Lasting Power of Attorney requires to be signed and witnessed in the correct order.

1. The Donor must sign first. A witness must watch you signing the LPA and sign straight after you.
2. The certificate provider must sign next. This is the person who confirms that you understand what you’re doing, and you’re not being forced to do it. They will sign section 10 of the form and must sign after the donor but before the attorneys.
3. The attorneys and replacement attorneys must sign next. Their signatures must be witnessed (and the witness can’t be the donor). However, the attorneys and replacement attorneys can witness each other’s signatures.

Who can be a witness to a Lasting Power of Attorney?